13–16 juuli 2023

13-16 juuli 2023
Illiku laid, Saaremaa

Lola Palmer


N 13.07 kell 01:00 - 04:00 / Piidivabrik

Known for her impeccable selections that she has been sharing around the globe during the past two decades, Lola Palmer is considered by many as one of Europe’s finest deep techno selectors. Her consistent stream of DJ-mixes has earned her an impressive following through channels like RTS.FM and MixCult – gathering up to hundreds of thousands of listeners per mix. After collaborating with the likes of Terry Lee Brown Jr, Lola Palmer continues her musical journey with releases on Mixcult, a remix on Bondage Music, and a debut vinyl EP on the well-regarded BERG AUDIO label, featuring reworks from the scene’s favorites, Janeret & Priku ft. Dinu. There is no doubt Lola is only at the start of her artistic path, with many more exciting news to come.