13–16 juuli 2023

13-16 juuli 2023
Illiku laid, Saaremaa



L 15.07 02:00 - 04:00 / Piidivabrik

Peter’s electronic music pedigree dates to the early 1990s, as rave culture swept the UK.  A veteran of legendary London clubs Rage and Knowledge, his DJ career flourished in the fields and warehouses of the free party scene with the likes of underground sound systems Bedlam & Spiral Tribe, reaching a crescendo on Castlemorton Common. 

He went on to launch Acid Box, a Brighton techno night, before joining forces with Cristian Vogel at The Box, bringing legends like Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, Colin Faver, Colin Dale, Brenda Russell, Mark Broom, Peter Ford and more to the South coast.  

By the mid-1990s, dubbed ‘Piter Acidi’, he was among the first foreign DJs to hit Russia, building a following at pioneering Moscow clubs Ptuch, Aerodance and Djusto, as well as Tunnel, Planetarium and Griboedov in St Petersburg.  

Keeping the flame alive deep underground ever since at exclusive private parties, he re-emerges as Ramandu for special occasions, dropping a loving kaleidoscope of fresh-sounding house & techno beats spanning 30+ years.  


Over the past decade enduring friendships and pilgrimages to the magical island of Saaremaa have established a powerful connection to Estonia.