13–16 juuli 2023

13-16 juuli 2023
Illiku laid, Saaremaa



Esinemisaeg- ja koht on peatselt selgumas

Rey&Kjavik is the alias of Alexander Schomann, DJ and Producer from Offenbach, Germany. His musical home embeds itself to House and Electronic Music landscapes: Organic, Tech and Deep House. All of them live and unite here peacefully in one spot. Rhythms waft like a mantra trough the vastness of his sound spheres, shallow melodic blossoms sprout and prepare the stage for the big parade. Schomann feels at home in clubs like Watergate or Scorpios however he can also set the roof on fire in front of international audience at Burning Man or at Fusion for instance. No matter where, Rey&Kjavik offers a spiritual rousing path, which enlightens and leads into other spaces, places and spheres. Sounds like a soul saving island on a journey trough the inexhaustible universe? It is.