13–16 juuli 2023

13-16 juuli 2023
Illiku laid, Saaremaa

Rhythm Child


L 15.07 kell 04:00 - 06:00 / Piidivabrik

Rhythm Child is the latest Project of Dario Rosa, better known in his Swiss hometown of Basel as Dario Rohrbach. 

After two decades in the local scene under various monikers, Dario took on the European club scene as a founding member of Alma Negra. All of them expert-diggers with roots around the mediterranean, Africa and south America, the foursome’s sound immediately touched a nerve: mysterious rarities from far flung places, re-edited and remixed for a modern club context. DJ-gigs and live appearances all over the continent followed, leaving behind happy faces at seminal circuit spots like Dimensions or the Southport Weekender. 

By summer 2018 it was time for Dario to finally walk the talk and earnestly get to work on his solo material. As well as getting his own label Rhythm Children off the ground, Dario has his debut album slated for release on none other than Osunlade’s Yoruba label.