13–16 juuli 2023

13-16 juuli 2023
Illiku laid, Saaremaa

Silat Beksi


Esinemisaeg- ja koht on peatselt selgumas

In the endless sea of producers and selectors, only a few leave a lasting impression. They are the niche artists, individuals that push sonic boundaries into new territory with skill, and purpose. Over the last 5 years Silat Beksi has made quite the impression on minimal music lovers across the globe by doing just that. Utilising his own unique combination of rhythms & special imprinted textures to craft emotive and energetically charged pieces of music. This was recognized early on with labels like Romania’s Tzinah Records, Moscow’s Body Parts and Ukranian imprint Mulen Records offering him a platform through which to release and refine his musical style. In 2014 this culminated in the release of Silat’s first full length album, with ten wondrously diverse minimalist cuts seeing a digital release on Mulen. Having achieved this milestone, the talented producer dedicated himself to the perfection of his craft with a renewed determination, going vinyl only and launching his own imprint Modeight Records in 2016. It’s a label family that boasts some of the hottest new talent in minimal house and techno, giving rise to producers such as Germany’s Durrrred & Romanian young guns Dragutesku and RQZ. Their intuitive and forward thinking approach to minimalist music is creating sonic ripples throughout the global underground scene, challenging the existing boundaries of the genre once again.

Fast forward to the present and Silat Beksi has amassed an enviable body of 12” releases on his journey so far. Cementing himself as one of the most inform talents in Europes underground scene with releases on labels like Germany’s almighty Pleasure Zone, Welsh imprint Dreams Are Not Inside, What You Want, Vivus Records and of course his own imprint Modeight. His sound continues to morph and develop, defying classification with it’s heady combination of techno’s rhythmic sensibility, breakbeat influence and warm atmospheric textures that hypnotise and excite.