18-21 july 2024
Illiku, Saaremaa

18-21 july 2024
Illiku, Saaremaa

18-21 july 2024
Illiku laid, Saaremaa

Bring your own tent & rest your head on the Seaside Camping site by the side of Illiku islet!

Camping tickets are available at Ticketer.

The Seaside Camping site is only 100 meters from the festival entrance, just a stone throw away from the sea and is next to a small pine forest that offers many tent spots a cooling shade. The Seaside Camping site is surrounded by a fence and is only admissible through the site gates. The site is equipped with toilets, clean drinking water, illuminated trails and trash cans. Shower facilities are located 100 meters away in the Orissaare Sportcenter.

  • The Seaside Camping site can ONLY be accessed with the Seaside Camping ticket and 1 ticket is valid for one person.
  • The Seaside Camping ticket does not allow entrance to the Glamping site (located 300m away) and vice versa.
  • The Seaside Camping and Glamping site follow the same house rules. The rules can be found on the I Land Sound website footer.

Come rest your head between the sweet sheets of your majestical cotton tent that is all ready and set for you as you arrive. The Glamping village will fill all your primary needs with comfy beds and soft bed linen – everything you need to make this your home away from home.

I Land Sound 2023 glamping village is located at Pargi 5a. You can get on the location from Pargi street. You can find the map HERE.

  • Glampings will be available for 2 or 4 persons.
  • Glamping site can only be accessed with the Glamping ticket. You can change your glamping ticket for a wristband at the door of the Glamping village, you can validate your festival pass at the festival gates.
  • Glamping village is located next to resident buildings so please be polite and don’t play any music from 11PM to 7AM.
  • The glamping tent is equipped with beds, covers and pillows, bedlinen, towels and a light (unfortunately there is no electricity).
  • The glamping village has toilets and drinking water, the showers are located in the Orissaare Sportcenter and are free to use for all glamping guests.
  • Like everywhere you go, tidy up after yourself. Sort the trash and throw it only to the designated collecting points.
  • It is strictly forbidden to make any fire at the Glamping village.

Caravanpark – for any type of caravans.

Caravanpark tickets are now available at Ticketer.

  • Parkingspots with 220V power are sold separately.
  • Feel free to set up your camp but be mindful to the space around you. Many other people will be also using caravanpark, so please do not occupy more space than you actually need.
  • One parkingspot is meant for 1 vehicle.
  • Size of one parkingspot is 5x8m.
  • Electricity supply is provided at a maximum distance of 50m from the parking spot.
  • Caravanpark is located about 200m from the festival gates.
  • Toilets and free drinkingwater is nearby.
  • Closest showers are located in the Orissaare Sportcenter (100m).
  • Pets are allowed but must be on a leash.
  • Caravanpark is a community. Get to know your neighbours – have a cup of tea and come to the festival as one family. Look out for each other and be mindful of each other possesions. Don’t leave your belongings unattended and make shure you lock your caravan when you leave the site.
  • Sun/rain shades must be smaller than 10 m2.
  • Caravanpark is located next to resident buildings so please be polite to them and don’t play any music from 10PM to 7AM.
  • Like everywhere you go, tidy up after yourself. Sort the trash and throw it only to the designated collectingpoints.
  • Don’t throw your wastewater to the grounds or into a stream. This will endanger the environment and the general well-being of everyone around you.
  • It is strictly forbidden to make any fire at the caravanparks.
If you are arriving by sea, you are asked to register and also pay a dock fee in addition to the festival pass. The number of spaces on the dock is limited. In order to register your vessel, buy the Boat ticket from our homepage or Ticketer and we will contact you for extra information. Boat tickets are available HERE. There are 2 different type of boat tickets – one for smaller than 9m and other for bigger than 9m (incl.). Extra information we ask:
  1. Captains first and last name, mobile number
  2. Name of vessel, depth, width, length (m)
  3. Estimated number of passengers
Orissaare Marina information: Stationary dock depth north side – 2.1m / south side – 1.7m Mobile dock depth – 1.4m New stationary dock in front of Köht restaurant – 0.6m More information: https://www.sadamaregister.ee/sadam/335 NB! All guests arriving from the sea must have a festival pass purchased from the pre-sale period. Without a pre-sale festival pass, you may not be allowed on the festival grounds. The dock area is meant for guests, the mobile dock is reserved for local vessels.