18-21 july 2024
Illiku, Saaremaa

18-21 july 2024
Illiku, Saaremaa

18-21 july 2024
Illiku, Saaremaa


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18 – 21 of July 2024

I Land Sound ties together beautiful nature, music, art, beautiful people and all the best that Estonian summer has to offer. A fresh bit of sea breeze and the ferry ride tear off your mask and you meet your true self on the other shore.

The concept of time is insignificant on illiku islet, in Saaremaa. You experience the awakening. This islet belongs equally to plants, animals and humans. You are defined by the size of your soul.

Us islanders, we stick close together and this feeling passes on to I Land Sound too. A powerful force created by the pioneers of nightlife, artists and the local community. Four unique days and one unforgettable memory.

The festival grounds are located on Illiku islet, at the gates of Saaremaa in Orissaare. Orissaare is a small town with around 1000 inhabitants that is also known for the lovely people and strange looking stadium.

In the middle of the stadium grows the Orissaare oak – European Tree of the Year 2015 – which you just have to see for yourself. Coming to Orissaare is easy and once you take that trip for the first time, it’s hardly forgotten.

The ferry from the mainland takes around half an hour after which you will touch the island of Muhu for just an instance until you reach the Väikese Väina dam. A sharp right after the dam onto Orissaare and arrived you have. You are welcomed by the calming sea, the limitless sky, and grass which is always greener here.

See you on the island!



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I Land Sound values:

• Nature

• Recycling

• Cleanness

• Resting

• The livelihood of Saaremaa

• Local produce

• Beautiful music

• Quality sound

• Good flavors

• Original people

• Thinking without borders

• Artistic freedom

• New challenges


The time is now to take advantage of every opportunity and bring to life our dreams. We will not become comfortable and settle with what already is. We find it important to go along with the times and find solutions that make sense to our guests. We want to bring to life our dreams in our home, nowhere else. We value sharing and openness, listen to suggestions and support the involvement of  the local community and entrepreneurs in our projects. Constructive and positive energy are the fundamentals of big changes. This has taken us so far and will take us even further.


For us, Orissaare and Illiku islet have tremendous potential. Our main efforts go towards strengthening the community and into enriching their possibilities. Thanks to the festival, clear steps into developing the tourism sector here have been made which gives necessity for new jobs and opportunities within the community.

The bigger mission is to give our contribution to the population of Orissaare and to boost its economy. Thanks to I Land Sound, Illiku islet has become an attractive place to rest in, for both locals and foreign tourists. I Land Sound gives us the wings and the voice to bring to life our dreams and share them with all of you.


Our team is our family and Orissaare is our home, a place that is always in our hearts and in our minds. Most of us have grown up here, spend our free time, work or raise children here, build the community or even plan to spend our old age here.

Our family is rather large, but each and every member plays an important role in this juicy combo. Everyone gives their best in whatever they do. Sometimes we’re winging it, other times we’re put to the test, but everything we do, we do with our hearts, determination and slight humour. Paap and Taavet are the founding fathers of the festival and their shared passion for music, nature and organising things has given them a clear vision of an exciting and fulfilling life, and brought together all these wonderful people – the I Land Sound festival family.


BalmerkNeste    CaparolHartwall


The joint institution of EAS and Kredex supports  the I Land Sound 2024 festival with 75, 000 euros.
The funding helps us in continuing our environmental journey, to strengthen the bonds of community, to enrich the overall festival experience and to introduce Estonia as a destination that welcomes and surprises its visitors with a rich cultural programme. The goal of the project is to organise a cultural event with international interest and participation, which will bring positive attention and improve Estonia’s visibility in foreign markets. The project’s successful outcome is measured by a certain number of foreign visitors partaking in the event and by the number of nights they will stay in Estonia. 


Go Travel

I Land Sound festival would not be possible without good volunteers. Let us know about your willingness, skills and the possibility of staying on the island by writing to: vabatahtlik@ilandsound.ee

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I didn’t get the ticket on my e-mail or I have questions about tickets?

If you have any questions about tickets, contact help@ticketer.ee.

 If I leave the festival grounds, is my wristband still valid?

Yes. After purchasing the festival pass, you are able to enter and exit the festival grounds as often as you wish. Each guest is provided with only one admissions wristband. By removing the wristband you lose the right to enter the festival grounds and one ticket cannot be validated twice.

 Is the festival ticket related to the person who purchased it?

This is only valid in case of the Locals Discount Pass which is named and can only be validated with an ID card. No other festival pass is linked to a specific person.

 Do I have to buy a ticket for my child?

All children under the age of 12 (included) are admitted onto the festival grounds for free. Starting from 13 years of age, children are required to purchase a festival ticket. No additional discounts are provided for children over the age of 12. To validate the age of a child, we ask to bring their ID. Failure to provide ID for the child may result in having to purchase a ticket.

 Can I purchase a ticket from the festival grounds gate?

4-day festival passes are only sold online. You can purchase a one-day festival ticket at the festival gates.

 Is there a chance tickets will be sold out?

Yes, 2018-2021 we have been sold out. The number of guests permitted on the grounds is limited. Nevertheless, a pre-sale ticket is cheaper and ensures a stress free trip to Saaremaa.

Is it possible to buy a one or two day pass?

You can buy a one-day pass on the spot at the festival gates.

Can I enter the festival grounds with a water bottle?

You are able to enter the festival grounds with a water bottle but no liquids. Your cup or bottle needs to be empty. The festival grounds supply clean drinking water for all guests.

Can I enter the festival grounds with a backpack?

You are able to enter the grounds with a backpack but be ready for a thorough security check. The festival organizers aim to provide a safe experience to all the guests by keeping away prohibited items. The prohibited item list can can be found in our house rules.

Is there something I cannot bring to the festival grounds?

  • Liquids
  • Food in any form
  • Broken glass, metal or plastic cups/bottles that can be hazardous to guests or staff
  • Firearms, knives, nail scissors
  • Fireworks
  • Narcotics or other psychotropic substances
  • Medication


Can I bring my pet?

Yes, pets are allowed in the camping site and festival grounds. The pet needs to be on a leash at all times and if the full responsibility of the owner.

Can I enter the festival grounds with my medication?

Over-the-counter medication is not allowed on the festival grounds. If you are in need of medical aid, please refer to the first aid center on the festival grounds. The camping site is also equipped with pain killers, band aids, etc. In order to be admitted with prescription drugs, you are required to inform the organizers in advance at info@ilandsound.ee.

 Can I enter the festival grounds with a bike?

No, please leave your bike or whatever wheeler behind the gates.

 Can I enter the grounds with baby food?

Before you are able to enter the grounds with baby food or any other liquid that is intended for babies, please notify the festival gate staff and ask for a permission slip that can be presented to the security guards.

 Can I bring my own food?

No, food must remain on the other side of the festival gates. The festival ground has a wide selection of caterers.

Is the camping site ticket valid for one tent or one person?

The camping site ticket is valid for one person. If 3 persons sleep in one tent you need to purchase 3 tickets.

Where can I park my car?

Cars can be parked in the designated parking lots or roadsides. Parking lots and designated roadsides are marked with stationary or temporary signs. Cars parked in the no-parking area will be towed. The official parking areas of I Land Sound 2023 are located at Kuivastu mnt 19, Ranna pst 3 and Kuivastu mnt 35.

Can an extra bed be purchased in the glamping tent?

Yes, an extra bed can be purchased in both two-person and four-person glamping tents. To do this, write to us at info@ilandsound.ee or to the inbox of I Land Sound’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/iLandSound.

Where can I shower?

All the festival guests can use the showers in Orissaare Sportscenter for a small fee. The festival ground is equipped with saunas and a barrel sauna. For a stress free refreshment I Land Sound recommends to visit the sauna and sea.

Where can I get back lost items?

The lost and found is located in the festival information center – at the festival gates. For information after the festival, please contact us at info@ilandsound.ee.

Is there a storage point on the festival grounds or on the camping site?

Yes. Valuables and other items can be left safely in the storage point that is located at the festival gates. The storage point is guarded 24 hours.

Where do I turn to if I have questions about I Land Sound festival?

Write us an e-mail at info@ilandsound.ee or message us on I Land Sound Facebook page www.facebook.com/iLandSound or Instagram page www.instagram.com/ilandsoundfestival/.

The completion of the website was supported by LEADER Program strategy measure C – Coping with the impact of the crisis caused by COVID-19 in the operational area through the local action group NGO Saarte Koostöökogu.

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