18-21 july 2024
Illiku, Saaremaa

18-21 july 2024
Illiku, Saaremaa

18-21 july 2024
Illiku, Saaremaa

House rules

1.1 To ensure a pleasant and safe festival for us all:

  1. We follow the festival house rules.
  2. We act with respect towards the community and other festival guests.
  3. Help us keep the festival clean – this is our home and we work hard to keep it free from trash. Keep your eyes open and notice if someone near you is littering. Don’t be afraid to help your fellow festival guest and make sure the trash ends up in the designated container.


1.2 Entrance to the festival:

  1. Entrance is only from the designated festival entrances – the festival gate or when arriving by the sea, the dock.
  2. Entering the festival is only of your free will, but we keep our right to choose our guests. Our main aim is to ensure a pleasurable and safe atmosphere for all.
  3. Entering the festival Is allowed with a pet, but only if the pet is on a leash in the festival grounds at all times. The owner is fully responsible for the pet on the grounds and no liability is left on the festival organizers.
  4. You are only allowed to enter the festival with the festival ticket or wristband that is checked at the gate or dock.
  5. The wristband should be worn at all times throughout the festival.
  6. If the festival wristband is broken or removed from the arm, it is no longer valid. If this happens, you are required to purchase a new ticket to enter the festival grounds again.
  7. Festival guests that have been removed by the festival staff are no longer welcome. The festival wristband is removed by the festival staff or security guard and is no longer valid. The ticket for the removed guest is not refunded.


1.3 We do not allow on the festival grounds:

  1. Liquids (including water and e-liquids)
  2. Foods
  3. Broken containers made of glass, plastic or other materials that could be hazardous to your fellow guests or staff members.
  4. Firearms, fireworks, knives, nail scissors, narcotics, and psychotropic substances.
  5. Over-the-counter drugs (If you wish to enter with prescription drugs you are obliged to notify the festival staff at info@ilandsound.ee as well as the gate staff)
  6. Any wheeled vehicles (bicycle, scooter, car, skateboards etc.) without a special permission.


1.4 We reserve the right to reject guests on the following grounds:

  1. They have items mentioned in 1.3 with them when entering the festival gate
  2. They are violating the rules, fellow guest’s peace or disturbing the festival staff.
  3. They steal, fight or vandalize.
  4. Have consumed more than enough alcohol or narcotic substances. The final decision will remain with the security team or festival staff member present.


1.5 The bar or other staff members do not have to serve guests who:

  1. Are rude towards the staff (whistle, yell or push)
  2. Have gone over the limit with alcohol. Drink some water!

2.1 The camping site and parking rules have been set by the festival organizer and are to be followed by all the guests who use the camping and parking sites. Please follow the rules and good customs.

2.2 You are only allowed in the camping site if you have the respective camping site wristband.

2.3 You are allowed to bring to the camping site:

  1. A reasonable amount of liquids, keeping in mind the drinking water is free on the site
  2. Your food
  3. Pets need to always be on a leash and remain the responsibility of the owner. The festival organizer is not liable for any damage caused by pets.
  4. Medications
  5. Personal photo and video equipment (in order to film, notify the festival staff in advance)

2.4 The festival organizer, staff, and volunteers have the right to perform wristband checks in the camping site.

2.5 Notice boards with house rules are placed in camping and parking site entrances. 

2.6 The camping and parking site employees can be recognized by staff shirts or neon vests.

2.7 The festival organizers and staff have the right to remove guests who:

  1. Violate the festival house rules, vandalize, steal, disturb other guests or the staff, litter in the camping site or around it.
  2. Do not comply with the orders made by the festival staff.
  3. Own a firearm or other hazardous items.
  4. Make a bonfire not in the designated area
  5. Have consumed too much alcohol or narcotic substances. The festival organizer, staff or volunteer keeps the right to judge the situation and make the final decision.
  6. Does not own the camping site wristband.

2.8 The guests that are removed from the camping site will have their wristband removed. If the guest did not have a wristband to begin with, they are not allowed to re-enter the site. If the guest has a reasonable excuse to re-enter the camping site, the guest must purchase a new camping site ticket. The festival organizers keeps the right not to buy back or reimburse the camping ticket.

2.9 The camping site is opened on 14.07.22 at 14:00, 4 hours before the festival gates open. We cannot guarantee anything, but asking nicely could get you in earlier. The camping site closes on 18.07.22 at 12:00. This is the latest you need to have cleared the camping site.

2.10 No matter the hour, weather or state, remember to preserve the nature and keep the camping site as clean as possible.

2.11 The camping and parking sites have specially marked trash containers. Please sort your trash accordingly.

2.12 Parking:

  1. Festival guests are able to park their cars near the camping site and by the road. The official parking areas are located at Ranna pst 3, Kuivastu mnt 19 and Kuivastu mnt 35 backyard. 
  2. Kiss & fly area, where you can drop off passengers and luggage is next to the Kuivastu mnt 25 parking lot.
  3. Please notice the road and traffic signs that regulate driving and parking
  4. Please consider the local and temporary traffic management during the festival
  5. Trailer parking site is only meant for guests and their vehicles who have purchased the trailer site pass.

2.13 It’s not allowed to play any music from your car speakers or portable speaker at any parking lot or camping are. Respect the locals and people who stay at camping sites.

 2.14 Yachts/Boats:

  1. Need to let us know before sailing into the harbour info@ilandsound.ee
  2. Need to buy festival tickets from pre-sale. No tickets sold on site.
  3. No liquids and other forbidden stuff can be taken from the boat to the festival area.
  4. Any kind of music system is forbidden to play on the yachts.

3.1 By purchasing the festival pass, the guest agrees to have their personal things searched in order to remove prohibited items.

 3.2 The festival security team has the right to store prohibited items mentioned in 1.3 in their storage until the end of the festival.

 3.3 The festival organizer remains the right to not allow guests who do not cooperate onto the festival grounds.

 3.4 If you need first aid or any other medical help, please go to the first aid center on the festival grounds or Orissaare hospital.

 3.5 The first aid center on the festival grounds is marked with a red cross. The exact location will be found on the festival grounds map or by asking for help from staff members or volunteers.

 3.6 Orissaare hospital is located on Ranna puiestee 10 and is 100 meters from the festival gate. The Orissaare ambulance phone number is 45 45 104 or use the national emergency number 112.

 3.7 In order to receive help from a vet, approach the first aid center to get the local veterinarians number.

 3.8 The festival guests are only allowed to enter the sea in the designated areas – the Orissaare marina and the beach.

 3.9 The festival organizer is not responsible for guests who decide to enter the water or go swimming. Swimming on the festival grounds is at your own risk.

 3.10 Parents or accompanying adults are responsible for underaged swimmers.

 3.11 Going into the water and swimming is only permitted between 10:00 – 22:00. During this time, professional lifeguards are on duty.

4.1 The suggested age limit for the festival is 16 years of age. Persons under the age of 16 are recommended to be accompanied by an accompanying adult. The movement of underaged guests is regulated by the Republic of Estonia Child Protection Act paragraph § 23/1 and is applicable on the festival grounds and any public space.

  • 23/1. Republic of Estonia Child Protection Act § 23/1 states:

(1) Children are required to observe public order.

(2) It is prohibited for a minor under 16 years of age to be in a public place from 23.00 to 06.00 without being accompanied by an adult. During the period from 1 June to 31 August, it is prohibited for a minor to be in a public place from 00.00 to 05.00 without being accompanied by an adult.

 4.2 All children under the age of 12 (12 included) are admitted onto the festival grounds for free. Starting from 13 years of age, children are required to purchase a festival ticket. No additional discounts are provided for children over the age of 12. To validate the age of a child, we ask to bring their ID. Failure to provide ID for the child may result in having to purchase a ticket.

 4.3 The bars are meant for adults only and purchasing alcohol. The staff may ask you to present your ID at any time, so please have your ID with you at all times. Acceptable forms of ID are passport, ID card or driver’s license. Identification not accepted are student card, copy of an ID card, work certificate or invalidity certificate.

5.1 The festival guest has the right to enjoy the festival, turn to the staff in case of a problem, and present suggestions and claims according to to the house rules.

 5.2 By entering the festival grounds, the guest gives permission to be filmed and photographed and for the recordings to be distributed in any format or means, indefinitely, around the globe.

5.3 Press and media aren’t allowed to film or take photos in the sauna area and of intimate workshops at the Dome. Please respect our guest’s privacy. 

 5.3 The festival takes place in any weather.

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